It is very essential for you to be fearless at the time of your first dating. Fear is a sign of reluctance and discomfiture. It makes you appear less attractive and tremulous in your conduct. The fear, which you sense from within, is in fact the fear of being rejected and if you are unable to control your anxiety then it is very likely that your fear can become a reality.

Fear hampers your open attitude and brings about a restriction in your way of interacting with your date. In the process you lose your real self and miss a golden opportunity in life. Every individual aspires for intense love, extreme likeness and pure attraction and simultaneously feels afraid of losing these emotional treasures of life.

Thus, it is extremely important for you to be confident and overcome the terror of being abandoned. Every time you catch yourself in this situation think and focus on something that make you happy or something that you would like to do to change your life for the better. If you keep doing this exercise you will train your mind to overcome your fear.