Domestic Violence

Tips For Teens And Young Women. <align=”left”>

<align=”left”>Some young women are confused about domestic violence and the most common questions amongst teens or women in their early twenties, “ How do you know when a relationship is headed in an abusive direction?”

Sometimes you don’t know. Domestic violence hardly ever starts as severe beatings or physical abuse. Sometimes it takes months or even years to turn into full-blown domestic violence issues but there are some warning signs to watch out for.

As with the similarities shared with most abused women like battered women’s syndrome, there are also common traits shared amongst abusers like “control”. Abusers ultimately love control whether it’s a conscious need or hidden in the subconscious mind. While each case of domestic violence is unique, not everything will be the same but for young women who begin dating, here are a few things to watch out for.

If you’re new boyfriend:

Shows signs of jealousy towards several people such as friends, family or anyone who glances at you.
If he tells you that you belong to him, you are his property.
If he calls you and is upset because he tried to call earlier and no one answered, be worried if he insists on knowing exactly where you were or if he tells you he doesn’t believe you.
If he has an anger problem. Does he have a short fuse or is he angry often?
Has he specifically told you that he doesn’t want you associating with particular people?
Has he asked that you change your clothes when going out, to wear less make-up or to not shave your legs?
Has he tried to force you to do something even after you said no, repeatedly?
Does he want you to spend all of your time with him, shutting out others from your life?
Has he asked you to have his baby?

These are subtle hints; sometimes couples spend months or years submitting each other to verbal abuse before physical abuse begins. If your boyfriend yells at you for small things, be careful. There were two of those suggestions listed above that was spoken about at an abused women’s community meeting some time ago. Many abused women said that their abusers in fact did ask them to not shave their legs and they also wanted to have a baby very soon.

Regardless of whether the signs are subtle or not, if something doesn’t feel right—don’t second-guess your intuition. Just try to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Domestic violence shouldn’t be played with, if you’re not sure then call someone to talk to about things that are confusing you. If you’re afraid to talk to someone that you know, call a hotline for abused women and talk to a counselor, you can be anonymous. You can find the answers and get the advice you need.

Dating Violence

Experiencing violence while dating has become quite a natural phenomenon nowadays. For some immature males, their girlfriends are their private properties who should be dominated and kept under control for most of the time. For such men, masculinity is all about power and strength.

Unfortunately, some peculiar women love to be dominated because they think that men usually dominate out of compassion and a sense of guardianship. Some of the warning signs which will tell you whether the guy is abusive are extreme jealousy, unpredictable mood swings, consumption of alcohol and drugs, uncontrollable anger, accusing tendency, perverse cruelty to animals and children and a tendency to stay away from others.

However, if the teenaged girl shows signs of physical injury, irregular attendance in school, sudden educational deterioration, unusual behavioral symptoms and most importantly signs of pregnancy then it is quite understandable that she has gone through vigorous mental and physical violence