Getting that firs date. Asking the girl or guy out. Actually talking to a girl or guy for the first time and so on…. The holy grail of terror. For many of us, you would think that date rejection is the same as life imprisonment, the electric chair or a slow painful death. Especially grown men who every day fight fires, subdue bad guys, tame wild animals, master mega corporations, jump out of airplanes or slay dragons, but cower in fear at the thought of asking the girl of their dreams out for a night.Here are some tips that may help you to handle a rejection the better way.

  • Expect rejection. It will happen. Think of it as fishing where you know you will have to put your line in the water many times, try many different baits and numerous fishing holes before you make a catch.

  • When rejection occurs, do not take it personal. The most successful date makers laugh in the face of rejection and simply try again. If you gave up that easily in fishing, you would never catch anything.


  • Pick you hunting grounds carefully. Do not expect high success rates in singles bars and dance clubs. The game is most wary in these places. Try normal, everyday, common places instead.


  • Sincere is good. Appearing needy is bad. Do not try so hard. A slight air of non-chalant or independence has an attractive quality to it that appeals to the opposite sex.


  • Expand your horizons. If you must date only the best looking guys or prettiest girls, your rejection rate is going to be much higher. The more you date, the more skilled you will become and besides, there is no known correlation between physical appearance and dates that are the most fun.

    To the Guys. Many girls find it to be a positive trait in guys who date girls who are less than stunningly beautiful. This shows that you are sincere and not shallow. Guys on the other hand, while not considering it necessarily negative, simply are unable to comprehend why beautiful girls would and do date less than the best looking guys. Guys usually think the reason is because it is because the guy either has lots of money or is exceptionally good in bed. Although those may be possible reasons, it usually does not occur to the male species, that females or more likely to consider other positive traits besides physical appearance. If guys would play by the same rules, they would get a whole lot more dates.


  • Use pre-packaged pickup lines sparingly or not at all. When you do use them, put the sexual references back in the joke can. Instead of wasting your time on trite pick-up lines, think of instead of using conversational and situation icebreakers.