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Going on a Blind Date? Here Are Three Important Pointers for You

A blind date is similar to a secret, you are aware of it, but you don’t know anything about it. This is the main reason why blind dates are always difficult to prepare for. You don’t know what to expect. You don’t know what to do or where do go. To help you prepare yourself, here are three important pointers that can prove to be helpful to you:

1. Don’t set your expectations too high.

It’s not easy to force yourself not to have expectations, but you can manage not to set a high bar. Don’t expect too much. Blind dates are almost always never what you expect them to be because they’re always surprising, but they can turn out really good. You can have fun and enjoy your date. Just don’t set your expectations too high – or too low. You have to be open-minded and flexible. You can’t go to your blind date thinking that you’re going to meet a rock star or a beauty queen. At the same time, you can’t condition yourself to prepare and meet someone who does not answer to your standards. Just tell yourself that you are meeting a friend. If at the end of the date, you find out that the two of you click, you can go for another date.

2. For your date venue, choose a local restaurant, café, or bar. The more popular, the better.

Let’s be honest; you do not know who you will be meeting. So it is better to be safe than sorry. Choose a restaurant, café, or bar that is well-known. The more crowded it is, the safer you will be. It doesn’t matter who set you up or how you found your blind date; you just have to exercise caution because you don’t really know the person you are meeting. A lot of blind dates, however, turn out to be fun and memorable. So, no need to worry! Yours will be a happy and entertaining one.

3. Act naturally and don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Enjoy!

Just because it’s a blind date and the person you are meeting does not know you doesn’t mean you can pretend to be someone you are not. Act naturally and be yourself, especially if you are starting to like the person. What do you think will happen if the two of you go out on a date again several times and then he/she finds out that who you are pretending to be is not really who you are? You’re going to end up the loser either way the story goes.

First Date Tips: 4 Places You Can Go To

Going out on your first date is not easy. You have a lot of things to prepare and plenty of factors to consider. One of these is the place where you and your date will go to. Your choice depends on what you and your date prefer. If you don’t have an idea where to go, here are four suggestions that might be of help to you.

1. Bring your date to the theme park.

Restaurants and movie houses are usually the ones that get the top spot, but not this time. If you want a unique first date experience, bring your date to the nearest theme park. It will be fun trying out rides with him/her. If you’re worried about not having enough privacy to talk to and get to know each other better, why not try talking while you’re up high in your Ferris Wheel seats or cabin? At least you can write down on your diary something like, “For our first date, ______ and I talked about things that mattered to us while we were up high in the sky.” Brilliant idea, don’t you think so?

2. Bring your date to a concert, a puppet show, or to an outdoor movie.

Bringing dates to a restaurant is so old fashioned. You have to try to be different. So instead of going to a traditional movie house, take your date to an outdoor movie. You can also look for outdoor concerts and other similar shows – like a puppet show, perhaps? It’s going to be fun and interesting!

3. Bring your date to an ice cream parlor.

You can never go wrong with ice cream. So, if you want a happy and satisfied date, find the best ice cream parlor in town and bring your date there. In between scoops of ice cream, share stories about yourself and get to know each other better. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

4. Bring your date to three restaurants in one night.

This may sound a bit crazy, but it will be fun. Instead of the traditional restaurant dinner, why not treat your date to a mini food tour? Choose three of the best restaurants in your area and bring your date there. In the first restaurant, you can order the appetizer and soup. In the second restaurant, order the main entrée. Then move on to the third restaurant where you’ll order the dessert. How’s that for a unique first date?

Going on Your First Date? Here Are 3 Things You Can Use As Conversation Starters

You are about to go on your first date. You prepare early because you want to be at the venue before your date arrives. You’re giddy with excitement because you’ll finally have time alone with someone you consider special. And then you remember that you’re not comfortable with the idea of starting the conversation – because you have no idea what to talk about. Fret not, though, because we gathered three of the most important questions you can ask your date. These questions serve as good conversation starters, so you and your date are guaranteed to enjoy talking to and getting to know each other.

1. What are the top three items on your bucket list?

Bucket lists are all about things that you want to do or achieve in life while you still have the opportunity to do so. You can ask your date about this, and after he/she shares, you can talk about your top three. Then you can tell your date how fun it would be if you could do all those things together. It’s not only a good conversation starter; it can also be a good way of letting your date know about your intention of staying and becoming a significant part of his/her life.

2. What is something about you that some people find surprising or unbelievable?

The answer to this question can help you learn something fun and interesting about your date. It will help show a side of him/her that you may have never seen or heard about before. After your date tells you his/her answer, you can share yours, and you can exchange thoughts and maybe even laugh about it. And then you can say something like, “That’s why we’re compatible. We have the same unique and fun personality.” Aside from giving you the chance to have fun and laugh, this question will also give you the opportunity to reiterate your intention of playing a special part in his/her life.

3. Which destinations do you want to visit before you turn 25, or 30 or 35 or 40?

Talking about travel is always a good thing. Why? Because everyone wants to travel! You can start the ball rolling by asking your date about his/her preferred travel destinations, and which ones he/she wants to visit before turning 25, 30, 35, or 40 years old. Of course, you have to share your list, too. And then, later on, you can tell your date how fun it would be if the two of you could travel together. Now, wouldn’t that be quite interesting (and exciting)?